Life's better when you're prepared

We all want to live the best, most rewarding life possible. But sometimes things do not go according to plan.

We do not last forever, family members become unwell, and our bodies may fail us even though we exercise, use sunscreen and eat healthy food. Illness can derail a career. A chance event can lead to a long spell off work with a loss of income.

It’s a very real problem.

We’ll help you deal with “What if?”

Here are some of possibilities you might ponder, depending on your stage of life.

“What if I couldn’t work for a while? Could I still pay the mortgage or rent and support my family? What about my day-to-day costs like groceries, the power bill, clothing...?

“What if I were diagnosed with cancer or heart disease, had a stroke or lost the use of a limb? Would I be able to cope financially and fund the treatments that make a difference?”

“What if I died and my family were forced to sell the house and give up on the dreams and plans we had made?”

“What if I had a crippling condition that was not seen as urgent by the medical system, such as a badly worn hip joint?”

Here’s how we can help

All these risks can be mitigated with a well-planned insurance solution. Here are some options we would love to discuss with you:

Life Insurance

A payout if you are diagnosed terminally ill or pass away. It can clear debts from your estate and ensure those left behind can carry on without a cloud of financial uncertainty hanging over their heads.

Disability or Income Insurance

A regular replacement of income and/or a lump sum payment if you couldn’t work due to sickness or injury. This will enable you to maintain your living expenses and what you are working towards. A lump sum may be used to clear debts or make alterations to your lifestyle.

Trauma or Critical Illness Insurance

This provides a lump sum if you were to suffer up to 60 medical conditions. You can use it for such things as funding treatment to paying down debts, or to allow your partner to take time away from work to support you.

Health Insurance

This provides you with the choice to access medical treatment when you need it along with choice as to who you want to see. It ensures you are not delayed by any public wait list or limitation on treatments you can access, like non-Pharmac drugs for instance.

It all starts with advice
- let us care for you

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. We listen, ask questions and find the best solution for you and your family.

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